WSKG Election Coverage 2012

Follow the local races with WSKG. On November 6, 2012, the election results start rolling in and this page will go live.

Hear local coverage on WSKG Radio (interspersed with national coverage from NPR), and see national coverage on WSKG TV via the PBS NewsHour.
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Celebrating the election results with music! At the Riverwalk Hotel in downtown Binghamton #WSKGelection #Bingelex

What’s happening in the Presidential Race? Our go to spot: the NPR Election Hub.

With 96% of machines reported, Republican incumbent Debbie Preston has 62.53% of the vote (Democratic challenger Tarik Abdelazim has 37.47%).

Thank you, #NY! I’m honored you’ve voted for me to represent you in the US Senate for 6 more years!

Election 2012: Voting Brings the Community Together

Thank you to tonight’s helpers from Broome Community College!

What do you tell a grandchild to get him to vote? “I’ll break your arm!”

More on the importance of voting from the Republican Election Party at the Holoday Inn Arena

“Politics plays a huge role in everyday life”